Reviewing a limited number of eBooks

I have decided that I will try to review a limited number of eBooks in the mobi Kindle format over the next few months. I am uncertain of the reach of my reviews at this time, but I will post those reviews on the blog and on Amazon at least, and more places as I find time and opportunity.


If you have a book that you would like reviewed, please send me a one page description of the book to


and after reading it, I will send you information on how to to gift me a copy of the book to review, or why I decline the book for review.


I am a writer myself, and I know that our egos are fragile, and that bad reviews hurt the indie writers out there. I will try to be as honest as possible in the review, but if it is less than a five star, I will contact you with the particulars that cause the less than stellar review, and you can let me know if you want the review posted.


I am more interested in Science Fiction, Science nonfiction, Political, or business and investing eBooks, but I will entertain any genre, as long as you understand that I may or may not be familiar with the subject matter.


Who I Am


I am a Writer of Science Fiction and a publisher of my own work, and that of a select few of my friends. I try to assist new writers as possible, and I also try to engage in creative writing every day.


It is my belief that a writer is driven to write. He really writes for himself, and if he finds a interested audience out there, his obsession can then turn into a vocation. But if he is a writer, he will write, regardless of the audience. The message that is hidden in his work will force its way to the surface, into the script, and out into the world.


You may purchase my books and the books of friends that I publish on Amazon in print, eBook and some Audiobook formats. You may also purchase non-Amazon eBook formatted books such as epubs at Smashwords at:


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I have spent what seems like a million years doing just about every kind of job you can imagine. I grew up on a farm doing agricultural,mechanical and other forms of gruntwork, when I wasn't milking, feeding or working the cattle.

I have read thousands of books over my lifetime, and really gravitated toward learning new things, and science and science fiction. Now that I have begun writing, these areas of interest became my writing subjects.

I have written three Science Fiction novels and some nonfiction books, primarily in the area our freedoms and our political system, since those liberties appear to be endangered today. I plan on writing many more books in the next few years, hopefully in subjects that interest my readers.

My Books